SonoranM for FiveM™

19.99 USD


The entire Sonoran Store, for just $19.99/mo.

Or, get the entire Sonoran, Redneck Modifications, and London Studios store for $29.99/mo!


SonoranM for FiveM™️ is the ultimate in-game content bundle! Gain access to all of Sonoran's scripts, vehicles, and new releases for just $19.99/mo!

This bundle includes:

- Sonoran Mobile Command Center
- Evidence Camera
- Power Grid
- Shot Spotter
- Speed Cameras
- Radar Display
- ATM Robbery
- Radar Detector/Jammer
- new scripts releasing soon!

Backed by our 7 days/week dedicated customer support team and 48-hour money back guarantee, the SonoranM bundle is the ultimate asset package for your FiveM™ community!

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