Evidence Camera

29.99 USD


Sonoran Evidence Camera

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Sonoran's Evidence Camera allows players to capture images like never before!

ESX and QB Core integration allows players to save and share physical photographs in their inventory! With Sonoran CAD integration, players can capture and send crime scene photos directly to their custom reports!

This standalone script is also integrated with Sonoran CAD, QB Core, ESX, Discord, and more!

Backed by our 7 days/week dedicated customer support team and 48-hour money back guarantee, Sonoran's Evidence Camera is a no-brainer for your RP community!

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In-Game Objects

Images can be dropped and appear as an object in-game:


Sonoran CAD Integration

Directly upload images to Sonoran CAD for use in reports and case files:


Framework Item Integration

Our QBCore and ESX integration allows you to move photos around using your framework's item system:


Discord Integration

Integrate with your Discord server for real-time webhook event notifications:


Simple Configuration

Our in-depth customization options allow you to configure the resource for your needs:


Automatic Updates

Never miss an update with our built-in automatic update handler: