Power Grid

24.99 USD


Sonoran Power Grid

Get the entire Sonoran store for just $19.99/mo with SonoranM!

Or, get the entire Sonoran, Redneck Modifications, and London Studios store for $49.99/mo!

Sonoran's Power Grid network allows players to manipulate and disable nearly any in-game feature imaginable!

Hack the grid to disable a Sonoran Radio tower, disable a speed or security camera, shut off a shot spotter, and more! Our in-depth permission customization and integration options allow communities to expand with vastly new and unique RP scenarios. Easily "wire" a power source to any compatible object with our link tool. Our power grid offers real-time alerts via Discord, in-game, on the Sonoran CAD live map and more!

This standalone script is also integrated with Sonoran CAD, Sonoran Radio, QB Core, ESX, Discord, pNotify, okokNotify, and more! With open developer documentation, anyone can easily integrate their custom scripts.

Backed by our 7 days/week dedicated customer support team and 48-hour money back guarantee, Sonoran's Power Grid is a no-brainer for your RP community!


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Minigame is used to allow malicious players to disable power systems:


Model Options

Choose from two different included power system model options:


In-Game Notifications

We offer multiple provider options for notifications in-game:


Sonoran CAD Integration

Receive automatic alerts when a power system is disabled or tampering is detected. Additionally, view system position blips on Sonoran CAD's integrated live map.


Discord Integration

Integrate with your Discord server for real-time webhook event notifications:


In-Game Map Blips

View in-game map blips when power systems detect a new event:


Gun Based Model Placement

Easily configure model locations with gun based placement:


Highly Configurable

Our in-depth customization options allow you to configure the resource for your needs:


Full Translation Support

Configure wording, phrases, and text regardless of your community's native language:


Automatic Updates

Never miss an update with our built-in automatic update handler: