Shot Spotter

24.99 USD


Sonoran Shot Spotter

Improve police response times with the Sonoran Shot Spotter! Receive notifications when gunshots are detected in the area. View blips on the in-game map, Sonoran CAD's live map, via Discord, and more!

This standalone script is integrated with Sonoran CAD, QB Core, ESX, Discord, and more!

Backed by our 7 days/week dedicated customer support team and 48-hour money back guarantee, Sonoran's Shot Spotter is a no-brainer for your RP community!

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Sonoran CAD Integration

Receive automatic alerts when a gunshot is detected. Additionally, view device position blips on Sonoran CAD's integrated live map.


In-Game Map Blips

View in-game map blips and their detection range for each spotter device:


Discord Integration

Integrate with your Discord server for real-time webhook event notifications:


Gun Based Model Placement

Easily configure model locations with gun based placement:


Highly Configurable

Our in-depth customization options allow you to configure the resource for your needs:


Full Translation Support

Configure wording, phrases, and text regardless of your community's native language:


Automatic Updates

Never miss an update with our built-in automatic update handler: